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San Diego Greybeards Lineup For 2018

The NFL is seeing many veteran players get sidelined as the 2018 season moves past week 11. The disconnect is that as the NFL teams rush to get new faces into their squads during the drafts, these veterans can and might help the teams get a good standing in the 2018 season. Currently in its fourth year, will build a team comprised of unemployed veterans.

The San Diego Greybeards 2018 Line Up


The competition is between Colin Kaepernick, Mark Sanchez, and Jay Cutler. These are very competitive guys and it seems like the highest-ceiling quarterback will be Kaepernick.

Running Back

DeMarco Murray, Darren Sproles, and Adrian Peterson are gunning for the running back position. However, the money is on Darren Sproles, who can keep the defenses off balance. However, he suffered a late career ACL tear, and this might give the others a shot.

Full Back

John Kuhn

Wide Receiver

Jordan Matthews, Michael Floyd, Jeremy Maclin, and Eric Decker will be competing for the starting wide receiver.

Tight End

The contest here is between Julius Thomas and Antonio Gates.

Offensive Line

In consideration are Austin Howard (RT), Jahri Evans (G), Luke Bowanko (C), Luke Joeckel (G), AND Greg Robinson (LT). However, the Greybeards will need to look for Bowanko’s replacement since he has signed with the New England Patriots.


Here will have Kony Ealy, Junior Galette, Connor Barwin, and Robert Ayers. These are not dominant edge rushers, but they can work well in rotation.

Defensive Line

The best players to fill the defensive line are Johnathan Hankins, Nick Fairley, and Bonnie Logan.

Inside Line Backer

NaVorro Bowman, Derrick Johnson, and Brian Cushing are vying for the position.


Bashud Breeland, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Darrelle Revis, Adam Jones, and Terrence Newman will form a legit defense front to back.


Eric Reid and Kenny Vaccaro are the main safeties, but the Greybeards could do with the services of Tre Boston.


Brad Wing


Sebastian Janikowski


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